December Diving with Triton Dive Lodge

Woweeeeee what an amazing December we had!  Our beautiful Indian Ocean was flat and warm, we had endless visibility and so many kif sightings. 

I found harlequin shrimps on both Small Stringer and Bikini on the same day!  We had Manta's on bikini reef on nearly every dive and Raggies all over 2 mile reef.  My favourite small fish the ghost pipefish were abundant after not seeing any for ages.  We visited all the far reefs and 8 mile and 6 mile were on point!

Too many sightings to mention here so instead I will upload a few photos just now.

For the next few months conditions are the best for the whole year and we are lucky to be able to operate and dive during COVID.  Come and destress with some scuba diving and chill out in our beautuful home with us.

Lekker!!!!  Be seeing you soon!!