The History of Triton Dive Lodge

Triton Dive Charters & Bush Camp in Sodwana Bay, South Africa, was established in 1996 by Peter Timm and Rolleen Jacobs.  Peter made his name in the world of technical diving for the discovery of the Sodwana Bay coelacanth, a canyon dwelling fish that was thought to be extinct.  He and two other divers found the fish in the year 2000 making news headlines around the world. Triton has continued to run annual technical diving expeditions to look for coelacanths at around 120 meters in a cave system in the offshore canyons of Sodwana Bay.  Sadly, Peter lost his life in a deep diving accident in 2014 at Umkomaas doing work for KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife. His original business partner and Eve Marshall, Peter’s fiancé formed Triton Dive Lodge in June 2014 to continue to run the dive lodge together. Amongst other achievements Triton is still the only diving charter that has a permit and can take qualified technical divers to see the prehistoric coelacanth at Sodwana Bay – this is the only place in the world that this is possible.

We offer logistical support to various science institutes and have a laboratory on site.  Triton works with many film crews as the preferred operator to assist with documentaries and films.  Over the years we have built up an extensive knowledge of all our reef systems.  At Sodwana Bay, we are always looking for new scuba diving sites to excite our clients and we pride ourselves in our keywords "Knowledge, Experience, Tranquility".  We believe that we offer not just a dive but an experience, we teach marine science courses and we offer extensive briefings on the fish and corals that you will see on each dive.

Triton's Dive Masters and Instructors are hand trained by Eve Marshall and go through a busy dive internship program. Dive Masters are only allowed to lead dives after undergoing a six to eight-month training period, to gain qualifications and experience and to build up extensive knowledge of the dive sites, fish, corals and marine animals. This ensures that their briefings are educational and factual and that they can give you the best dives possible.  Triton is the only CMAS organization in Sodwana Bay. We pride ourselves on our reputation for training knowledgeable, highly employable dive professionals.  Triton has won the award for training the most number of divers in South Africa annually since 2006.

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