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Triton Dive Lodge Career Development Internship ProgramsTriton Interns 2015

The Triton Dive Internship Program is a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience for go-getters looking for a future in the Scuba Diving Industry.  During your time at Triton you will gain practical experiences that employees look for in their Dive Centres and resorts worldwide.

You will be learning all aspects of running a busy scuba diving lodge.  As well as diving you will learn to maintain and service dive equipment, drive and look after beach vehicles, fill cylinders, work in the Triton Shop and Lodge Reception and assist the Instructors with training students.  All of these skills make a Dive Professional more employable when you have finished your internship and are looking for a career opportunity.

Pool Training Student InstructorsDuring your Dive Internship you will make lifelong friends and learn to work as a team.  The internship is an adventure filled with fun, friendship and new experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We offer logistical support to scientists, we have our own laboratory and regularly assist SANBI, NMMU, ACEP, UKZN, Rhodes University, SAIAB and SAEON with their various projects. This work is fascinating and allows us to get involved with collecting data and images and work alongside some truly remarkable people such as Dr Kerry Sink's monitoring of the coral reefs, facilitated through Triton with an emphasis on conservation of our oceans.

We specialize in technical diving.  Triton's founder Peter Timm discovered the Sodwana Bay Coelacanth population in October 2000, since 2008 we have been leading yearly expeditions to collect images and data for scientific research on deep reef databasing and new species.  This has lead us to do a lot of work with film crews making documentaries on the prehistoric fish.  To this day Triton is the only operator on the planet that has been able to records sightings.  We offer all levels of training including technical dive courses to 100 metres.Assisting UKZN scientists to collect data

We are proud of our internship program because it is not easy and because our students leave feeling that they have accomplished something special which will mean something in the scuba diving industry.  The internship program is run by Sean Walker.

During your time at Triton you will learn all aspects of running a dive charter and lodge.  Be prepared to get your hands dirty and learn new life skills from servicing dive gear, maintaining vehicles, assisting in the Triton shop, assisting checking in guests, interacting with the guests, Assisting instructors with training, Fitting gear, driving vehicles and tractors, setting up the beach gazebo, loading boats and vehicles, diving with clients, washing dive gear and vehicles, lodge maintenance and improvements and occasional reception duties.

Max our first Deaf DivemasterOption 1 – Divemaster Program

The internship takes students from beginner diver to divemaster which are taylored to suit your requirements over 4 months and include accommodation, gas and electric, cooking facilities, scuba diving courses and the opportunity to work in the dive industry.  During this period candidates will work for Triton Dive Lodge and will include setting up and packing up the daily dive operation, washing and maintaining all equipment including boats, tractors and dive gear as well as the day to day running of a dive operation and lodge.

Please contact us directly for more information and prices.

Option 2 – PADI Instructor
if you wish to continue your training up to PADI Instructor you will be extend your program by another 4 months to prepare you for your IDC.  Please contact us for information regarding the Instructor option.  

Once the Divemaster course has been completed the candidate  has the option to progress and enroll on an instructor course.  


  • Our 2017 Triton Japanese Film Expedition Team

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