10 ways that we will ensure your safety from Covid-19 when you come diving in Sodwana Bay

We simply cannot wait for you to join us diving in Sodwana Bay again and we understand that you will have concerns of safety during and after Covid-19.  Our guidelines will be constantly updated as we receive new information on operating regulations within our industry.  

We are sure that you are all very well practiced at social distancing, hand sanitizing, wearing masks and having your temperature recorded and most of our divers will have done just that when arriving at Triton Dive Lodge.   If you are not staying at Triton but are still diving with us don't worry we have a checkpoint at our gazebo for your safety.


  • To ensure  that you are not at risk from cross contamination we will supply boxes for your personal items in our changing rooms for when you fit your dive gear.  Boxes will be sanitized after use and only one client will be allowed in our changing rooms at any given time.
  • Our dive center will be sanitized daily and our changing rooms will be sanitized after each client.
  • It is imperative that dive equipment be disinfected after use in order to neutralize the virus.  Some detergents such as ammonia are harmful to the marine environment whilst alcohol based detergents can be a fire hazard if it comes into contact with your dive gear.  DAN recommends common bleach containing sodium hypochlorite mixed at the correct ratio.  We will be washing all of our dive gear daily and spraying each life jacket after use.
  • Rental gear will be allocated to each client at the beginning of your stay and marked and kept in individual boxes for transportation to the beach and for storage on the beach.
  • We recommend that clients look after their own dive gear as much as possible except weights and weight belts.  Clients will have access to separate wash areas and drying racks next to their accommodation for washing their own gear. 
  • In an out of air situation our instructors and divemasters will offer a diver is distress their Octo to minimize cross contamination.
  • Theoretically the high heat that an air compressor generates will kill a virus (up to 120 degrees)  As mentioned previously even a small amount of alcohol is a fire risk when compressing air so cylinders will be disinfected with a bleach solution and staff will be advised to wash hands with soap prior to filling.
  • Although proven that chlorinated water in swimming pools does not allow the virus to survive, tests are still being done on how long the virus can survive in seawater.  Even when diving we will be practising social distancing with restricted numbers of divers on the boats and comprehensive briefings by our dive masters on entering and exiting the water.  Clients will wear their masks until the countdown to entering the water.
  • We recommend that divers carry their own mask de fogger although we will have it available on our boats.
  • We will have disinfectant in place under our gazebo for you to wash your dive gear between dives but recommend that all clients carry their own sanitizer to prevent cross contamination.

All of our staff have been trained about COVID-19 - Awareness training  and Risk reduction courses

Please download the attached COVID questionnaire for diving and fill it in on the day of your dive, this needs to be given to the beach controller prior to entering the gazebo.


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