Meet Our Scuba Diving Sodwana Bay Family

 Eve Marshall - Co Owner & Partner, Tech diving Instructor, Instructor TrainerEve Marshall

I'm originally from the UK and my travels bought me to Sodwana Bay where I met Peter Timm.  Peter and Rolleen were the co-founders of Triton.  Peter and I became engaged but he died in a tragic diving accident in 2014, Rolleen and I decided to try and keep going in his memory and we have been running Triton together ever since.

My passion is firstly my child then underwater photography and technical diving, I was lucky to be taught tech diving by Peter and I was the first and I think only lady now to ever have seen a coelacanth.  For me leading dives is my absolute favourite, I enjoy showing clients all the special spots and I love teaching my interns about the underwater world and seeing them evolve into good diving instructors makes me proud every time.  All of our CMAS instructors have been trained here at Triton which I think is probably unique.  My son, Rocco is only 16 months but already a water baby and I can't wait to show him what's beneath the waves.  

If I were a sea creature I would be a humpback whale, every time I witness these creature and their calves I realise how insignificant we really are and it humbles me beyond belief.



Rolleen Jacobs – Co-owner and Director of Triton Dive Lodge Rolleen and Eve

From the Eastern Cape/Free State/KZN/Mpumalanga.  Claim to fame?  Founded Triton with Peter Timm in 1996.  I ran the lodge, did accounts, reception, handled lodge and diving logistics.  Currently reside in Mpumalanga, mother to 2 teenage daughters,  life partner to Peet.  Work half day as an administrator at an old age home for a company that offers management services to old age homes as well as do Creditors, Marketing, HR and assist Eve with the business as best I can from a distance for Triton the rest of my time.  Passion in life, the hospitality industry, Debtor’s and Creditors.  In my free time (what free time) I enjoy gardening and spending time with my family.  Life’s motto – be nice to people on your way up because you are going to meet them on your way down!

If I was a sea creature I would be a dolphin.




RockstarRocco William Marshall - water baby

Howsit!  I am the youngest in our crew.  My first word ever was fish and I love chilling on the beach while my mom works.  I want to be a rockstar, pro-surfer and of course a deep diver like my mom.  If I were a sea creature my mom says I would be a baby octopuss grabbing everything and all over the place!








Karl Prinsloo - Skipper, instructor, dive master

Karl is a man of few words, he has travelled all over the planet and worked in Egypt, Mozambique and the British Virgin Islands until Hurrican Irma decimated the islands and Karl came home to Sodwana Bay.  We welcomed him to our team and know that we are in the safest hands when he takes us through the surf.

If I were a sea creature I would be an Orca because they look out for their families. 





Gary and RaeGary Welman - Senior Instructor, dive master

I first came to Sodwana to start a new chapter of my life, as with everyone in the diving industry I realised that city life wasn't for me.  My favourite thing about being a dive instructor is I like showing people the new possibilities in life, I love it when people realize what they thought they would never be able to do is possible if they persevere.   If you want to know what is cool about Triton and the dive industry come and I will show you because words cannot explain.

If I could be a sea creature I would be a sea horse in Sodwana because everyone talks about me but no-one can find me!


Raliene Stafford - Office Queen, instructor, dive master

I come from the city and love nature and fell in love with scuba diving and the ocean, I'm on the crazy side of life and came to Sodwana for a new challenge. 

My favourite thing about being a dive instructor is seeing the surprise on a students face the first time they dive when they see the reefs and the beautiful corals and sea creatures that inhabit them.  I love working in the scuba diving industry because we meet people from all over the world and here at Triton we have a family, not only our staff but also our long term clients.  If I could be a sea creature I would be a giant squid.


Emile and RoccoEmile Sonnekus - Instructor, dive master

Hello there, I am a scuba diving instructor at Triton Dive Lodge.  As a child I wished I had the "super power" to breathe underwater.  It has always been a dream of mine to explore what goes on under the ocean. 

I have now gone from imagining myself breathing underwater to guiding people through some of the top ten reefs in the world here in Sodwana Bay.  This is thanks to the opportunity I got to learn and develop this skill at Triton Dive Lodge.  I have been diving for 4 years and do not plan on stopping or slowing down for a single second.  I love teaching people how to dive and seeing their reactions as we descend into another world.

If I were a sea creature I would want to be a turtle so that I can just cruise through the ocean seeing the divers pass by.





Margi AlenowiczMargi

I am 30 years old and I have loved scuba diving since the first time I put my face in the water, diving has in so many ways opened new worlds to me and it is so different each time and each place one dives.  Diving is the biggest factor that pushed me to travel and explore not only different countries but different underwater worlds in foreign countries, Sodwana Bay is by far one of the best locations to dive if one is interested in exploring the deep blue sea in its pristine and untouched beauty.  I dove with Triton Dive Lodge in Sodwana Bay for the first time, and I can't help but return each time.  Triton is lovely lodge surrounded by nature and it is an amazing getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city life.  

If I were a sea creature I would definitely be a manta ray, so I could explore the depths even further with my graceful and majestic "wings"




JamesJames Stanley - dive master intern

Hello I am training to become a dive master at Triton Dive Lodge, for me there is nothing better than coming back from a days scuba diving and surfing to our bush camp, also I love being barefoot!  I am loving my time in the scuba diving industry and hope to use this internship plus some other courses Im doing whilst in Sodwana Bay as a stepping stone for me to become an environmental researcher or marine conservationist.

If I were a sea creature I would like to be a turtle and hang out with Emile!






Mirinda Harrison - dive master intern, admin queen and nannyMirinda

I'm from Empangeni and I'm currently doing my divemaster internship with Eve and hoping to work as a dive master at Triton Dive Lodge.  I'm currently working as a nanny to the little rockstar Rocco.  My favourite thing about Triton would be sitting at the fire after a day at the beach listening to everyone's stories about their days scuba diving or about themselves it's a great way to meet new people.  

If I were a sea creature I would be a blanket octopuss!




Coenie and RoccoCoenie Laten - dive master intern, mechanic

Good day all.  I come from Bloemfontein and I am a qualified technician who discovered scuba diving and got hooked.  I decided to take a gap year and do my dive master internship and then start a career in the diving industry.  I chose to do my course through Triton and I'm enjoying the company and the feel of living in the outdoors in the camp.  

I think if I were a sea creature I would be a Goliath Grouper swimming around and looking grumpy all day - ha ha!