Remembering Rehan Bouwer diving with Triton Dive Lodge

We try and make a point to go and clean Rehan Bouwer's memorial stone whenever we have to do work underwater scuba diving for our CMAS divemaster interns. 

Rehan lost his life in a technical diving accident on a deep diving expedition in 1998 to the Wright Canyon in search of the coelacanth.  His body was never recovered and the authorities allowed his fellow dive team and family to place a memorial stone at 30m.  Rehan Bouwer was a pioneer of technical diving and trained most of the deep diving legends of our time including Peter Timm who was on the dive team.  Rehan's son Rehan Jnr, Widow Amanda and Brother in Law Anton Minnaar regularly stay with us and we always take them on a dive to visit the stone.

It has the most beautiful wording and if you come to dive in Sodwana Bay with Triton, ask us and we will take you there.