Snorkeling with Triton Divers

Snorkel trips & free diving

Although we cannot guarantee any animal encounters our skippers and dive masters will do their absolute best to find them for you!

You can see dolphins and turtles all year round from our boats Triton Discoverer and Triton Explorer.  If you are very lucky you may get to see a Whale Shark or a Manta Ray.  During the winter months from June to October you can see the Humpback Whales on their annual migration past our coastline which on a good day will be a show of them breaching and splashing.  Depending on the surface conditions our guide will take you on a gentle drift over 2 mile reef to wonder at the schools of fish and tapestry of coral beds.

The trip takes about an hour and is lead by a dive master who will brief you fully on our boat procedures.

Snorkel gear is included.

Interested in freediving? Contact us for more info about free diving and freediving courses

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