Why Sodwana Bay

Why Sodwana Bay, awesome diving conditions

Scuba divers at Sodwana Bay have consistently been spoilt with the most awesome diving conditions you could dream of for the last few months.  The winter water temperature has constantly been around 22 – 23 degrees and the vis has rarely been below 30 metres.  Highlight encounters and sightings include, Grey reef sharks mating on 5 mile, the “biggest” ever manta ray on bikini, a tiger shark hunting a turtle who then sought refuge between a group of startled divers and had the shark buzzing the turtle between them, a great white shark photographed on pinnacles and ribbon and then a whale shark with a very unusual growth on its head. 

raggieA crown of thorn starfish was photographed on Roonies but it seems to have since moved on.  Many whale shark sightings have been reported and plenty of images were forwarded to the EcOcean database for updating.  The annual humpback have been migrating past our coast for a few months with their calves and the first raggie sightings have occured which means that soon we will be able to dive with the females on quarter mile.

Sodwana Bay is looking up and the authorities are gearing up for a major revamp of all the visitor facilities.  Management and structural changes have already been implemented to cater for this and once completed Sodwana will be up there amongst the best dive/holiday destinations on the planet.

By Peter Timm