Butterfly Story

butterfly story - scuba diving sodwana bay

New Dive Site: We went for a dive on Skipper's Reef The divers descended on a shoal of 27 racoon butterflyfish - such a big aggregation is an unusual sight, surely related to the fact that there was no camera amongst the group. 18 species of butterflyfish were seen on this dive each with its distinctive colour pattern in black, yellow and white. butterflyfish feed on a variety of reef creatures including seaweed, coral polyps, small invertebrates and fish eggs.

Some types feed only on coral polyps such as the beautiful maypole butterflyfish and the purple or redfin butterflyfish.

butterflyMany patrol the reef in pairs and stay together for many years if not life. Butterflyfish are considered indicator species - a clear sign of a healthy reef. Our reefs are doing very well and it is a real privilege to experience this type of diversity on a single dive. The only species the divers didn't see are the Indian butterflyfish - a single pair known only from one cave in Sodwana Bay and those known from the submarine canyons.