In anticipation of visitors returning to scuba dive in Sodwana Bay locals clean up the beach

As the restrictions on the leisure industry due to Covid-19 slowly start to relax we are eagerly anticipating being able to welcome guests and divers to Sodwana Bay.  

A beach clean up day was initiated by Amanda and Jaques Van Jaardsveld of Advnenture Mania.  Gary, Rob, Ralien, Eve and Rocco represented Triton Dive Lodge and other operators assisting were Greg De Valle's Scuba Centre and Christo's Seaxplore.

The area North of the launch site was much worst than South towards Vidal, the clean up crew mainly retrieved plastic bottles and bags as well as takeaway packets and small pieces of plastic and fishing line.

We are preparing our beach, our covid protocols and our lodges in anticipation of welcoming our clients back.  I don't know about you but we cannot wait to take you diving again!