Assisting the Wildlands Trust with fish surveys (diving till you hate it)

We love providing logistical support to visiting scientists, universities and institutes.

We had the pleasure of assisting Dr Jean Harris and her team from the Wildlands Trust who were collaborating with Dr Melita Samoilys, Kenyan Director and marine scientist at CORDIO to scuba dive to conduct fish surveys in 3 zones from Mabibi and all the way down to Red Sands and Leadsmans within the sanctuary. 

Surveys were undertaken in 3 zones, - controlled, restricted and wilderness and the team was split into two in order to get 8 transects per zone per day.  This is why I call it "diving until you hate it!

The team of 10 marine biologists had a great time diving in the special areas with amazing scuba diving conditions and stayed out at sea each day for long hours in order to get their data.  

I will publish an update of their findings shortly for all the Sodwana Bay Diving fish enthusiasts out there.

Sardine Run SA Special