Tech Diving on Sodwana's best kept secrets

We love to go tech diving to experience something a little different than the usual reef diving in Sodwana Bay.  Demand is not so high to dive where others don't dare" but we usually manage a few expeditions a year and March has to be my absolute favorite as the water is warm with endless visibility!  The call of the deep when you are on the edge of one of the canyons is strong and the beautiful peace and euphoria when you are there is impossible to describe.

We are planning to do a few 100 metre dives early in 2023 if anyone is keen and qualified?  Andre, janco and I will be running a normoxic trimix course and an advanced trimix course so if you would like to start saving give us a call to book your place.  A wise man once said tech diving is the law of diminishing returns........ (Peter Timm)

Only holding an advanced scuba diving qualification and interested in the technical route?  Call us to discuss courses to get you on the right path.  You will need Rescue and Basic Nitrox to go down the tech diving road.


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