Triton Dive Lodge is now a Raid Diving Centre

We are super excited to announce that we are now a RAID Dive Centre.  We offer both CMAS and RAID courses, the oldest and the newest organisations!

Thanks to Amanda Van Jaardsveld for facillitating our crossover courses.  We will soon be offering a RAID option as well as our popular CMAS career development programme which takes candidates who want to become dive professionals from beginner up to Divemaster or Instructor whilst living and working at our busy scuba diving lodge.  RAID has awesome online digital training so if you dont want to sit in a classroom when you visit us to learn to dive then these are the scuba diving courses for you - 

To enrol on a RAID DIVER course with us and access your online training digital manuals, simply follow these steps

1  Click here RAID | Learn to Scuba Dive RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! ( and create your online profile, 

2  Complete the online medical liability and releases.

3  Add your profile picture.

4  Choose Triton Diving as your dive centre - Once deposits have been paid your online theory will upload to start your studies **Do not buy any material online**

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