Learning to Scuba Dive with Triton Dive Lodge

This is the latest Redemption Hill Group of CMAS one star sport diver students. 

Bruce, Gareth, Luca, Mitchell and Robert were joined by Lowen Pugh, junior diver and Cherise for a week of fun and wonder at discovering the underwater world for the first time.  Returning for fun dives were Pastor Pete and a group that qualified with us on their last visit.  It is a proven fact that people in recovery have a much higher rate of success when they are introduced to the world of scuba diving.  We absolutely love hosting the Redemption Hill groups.  We had a few wet and windy days but it didn't spoil the enthusiasm of the groups love of being on the beautiful Sodwana beach and diving our amazing reefs.     On the one day that we could not dive due to bad conditions we all went to Lake Sibaya for a braai and to enjoy the stunning sunset.  

When we were diving we were blessed to see turtles galore, paper fish and maurition scorpionfish to name a few of our sightings.   Topside the whales were going off!