When Scuba Divers and Free Divers Meet for a photoshoot

I led a dive to Bikini mid on Sunday

to go and see the Mauritian Scorpionfish again, the water was a little green and murky after two days solid wind.  My divers asked me if I could take a photo of them on the bottom, the idea was that the scuba divers would wait on the sand and the two free divers would swim down and pose quickly at 20 meters!  Well that is just what they did!

Scuba Divers, Antoinette & Theunis Uys, Lourens and Antoine were joined by free divers Hanneka and Van Zyl........  I was a little speechless but here is the proof.  

The dive was amazing and we did see the scorpionfish as planned.  What a nice dive to end their stay with us at Triton Dive Lodge.