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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 09:34

Seahorses and Deep Secrets

This gallery is a little different!  Take a peek at some of Sodwana Bay's deep secrets!

Come and dive with Triton and enjoy scuba diving at its best.

Take a look at this gallery to see some of Sodwana Bay's secrets!  Harlequin shrimps, raggies, lion fish, leopard groupers!!!  We have been keeping a close eye on our seahorse population and watched as one of the red male's got fatter and fatter whilst he was pregnant.  we are hoping for a seahorse population boom shortly!!!

Come and scuba dive with us at Triton Dive Lodge in Sodwana Bay and we will show you the special secret spots!!!

The diving this year so far has been amazing, we have had some awesome sightings, schooling hammerhead sharks, mantas, whalesharks, frog fish and even a juvenile seahorse (hippocampus histrix) at Roonies on two mile reef.  Scuba diving in Sodwana Bay, South Africa is in my opinion the best in the world for healthy coral reefs and diversity of marine animals.  Take a look at the gallery, pick up the phone and come dive with us!

Sunday, 26 October 2014 12:10

Triton Dive Lodge Photos

Everything at Triton has been setup to help both divers and non-divers make the most of their time here. 

We had a great weekends diving with award winning photographer Geoff Spiby, his wife Lynn, Georgina Jones and friends from Capetown in February 2014.

Despite challenging conditions due to a cyclone in the Mozambique channel Geoff captured some awesome images including schools of slingers, stumpnose bigeyes and snappers on the amazing 6 mile reef.  Nudibranchs gallore including a Djibuti Giant that has made bikini reef his home and the green coral tree on 9 mile reef.  We were rewarded with dolphins and a whale shark to top the weeks diving on Sodwana Bay's incredible reefs.

We really are lucky enough to live in paradise and dive the most amazing reefs every day.  Scuba Diving in Sodwana Bay has never been better we have so many large fish that you do not see anywhere else in the world due to other "marine protected areas" being overfished.

The water temp is presently 28 degrees and has bought excellent viz with it.

This long overdue gallery includes an array of serious hunters,  Silvertip Sharks, Twinspot Snappers, Kingfsih, Potato Bass, Long Nosed Emperor and Barred Rubberlips. These are my favourites to see on the reefs.  - Enjoy!

So what are you waiting for?  The crowds have left and the diving is divine,,,,,,

Rays, turtles, more turtles, sharks,,,,,  All the big marine animals have come to play!  We have had so many great sightings whilst scuba diving with Triton Dive Lodge in Sodwana Bay in the last few months.

The Humpback and Southern Wright Whales have been migrating past the Bay and we have had several sightings during our dives and a few fortunate snorkelers have had encounters with these amazing creatures too.

The image gallery includes some inquisitive Silver Tip Sharks, Beautiful Mushroom Rock at 7 mile reef amongst others.  The water temp has been a chilly 21 degrees but is increasing as we move into Spring and the days are getting warmer with mild evenings by the fire.

Spring Day approcahes,  Isn't it time to book for some great scuba diving with Triton?

During February and March we had so much fun scuba diving in Sodwana Bay.  With flat seas, warm water and great viz we had many chances to get to further reefs and explore new areas. The cover shot is of a giant nudibranch called a Djibouti Giant that we often find on reefs 40 metres and deeper.  This one was taken at the exclusive Triton 69 Reef. We had great Manta sightings and I was lucky enough to get some great shots of a huge jellyfish with tiny fish seeking cover in its tentacles.  A Twinspot Snapper (Lutjanus Bohar) had dinner plans for the jellyfish that I was trying to get shots of and got pretty aggressive with his reflection in my dome port.  There are a few deeper shots of reefs down to 80 metres with the ADG guys modelling nicely. So come and join us at Triton Dive Lodge for some exciting and memorable dives and see why Sodwana Bay really is one of the top diving destinations in the world!

December was crazy busy in Sodwana Bay and the diving was fantastic.  The sea was flat and blue and the viz was amazing day after day.  January saw the water temp reaching 28 degrees and we had some amazing sightings.

Ornate ghost pipefish on Roonies, Zambies and Tigers on Gotham and the Raggies put in an appearance on quartermile reef as you can see from Peter's excellent cover shot.

From now until the end of May we would say are the best scuba diving conditions.  So if you want to dive in warm, blue and calm seas the head to Triton Dive Lodge and Sodwana Bay.

The images in this gallery were all taken by Peter whilst diving to 110 metres in Jesser Canyon, Sodwana Bay, South Africa.  This is the only place in the world where you can dive to see a living coelacanth.

Just a handful of divers have had the privilege to dive on Jesser Canyon and a few have been lucky enough to be rewarded with coelacanth sightings with the help of Peter Timm.  During March last year Peter diving with The Alternative Dive Group found and photographed coelacanths on a ten day expedition.  The photos were studied by Dr Kerry Sink and a new animal was named and documented.  Hopefully this year we can add more individuals to the growing database.

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